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Virtual Connect FlexFabric multi-enclosure Stacking Limit

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric multi-enclosure Stacking Limit

John had a question regarding the new Virtual Connect FlexFabric module and stacking limits:




Hello All,


In the recent Flex Fabric tektalk, the following statement was made.


“Each Flex-Fabric Module counts as 1 Ethernet Module AND 1 Fibre Channel module towards the 16 maximum modules per multi-enclsoure stack”


Can someone confirm if I deploy 4 Flex Fabric modules per C7000 chassis that I will be limited to stacking only 2 C7000 enclosures and if so will we be expanding support to 32 in a future firmware release?




Mark knew the answer:




Hi John,


It is not 16 modules total. It is 16 VC-E Ethernet and 16 VC-FC Fiber Channel (32 modules total) per Stack.

If you deploy (4) Flex Fabric Modules in a 2 Enclosure (MES) Setup, that counts as (8) VC-E and (8) VC-FC.


Based on that, our MAX supported configuration is a 4 Enclosure (MES) with (4) Flex Fabrics in each. (16) VC-E and (16) VC-FC. (32 Modules total).




Good info from Mark. Have you considered the new VC FlexFabric module for your data center?