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Virtual Connect FlexFabric - uplink "Connected to" info question

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric - uplink "Connected to" info question

Kelly was getting some wierd info about uplink status:




Was wondering if anyone has see the following, some of my uplinks show “connected to” data, others do not.  Any ideas what could cause that?  This is a relatively new install and we are still working out some issues.


Theoretically, all of these ports are configured the same, just different vlans.  The network admin says all looks the same on his side.






Info from Vincent:




Most likely Bay 1 port X5 is connected to a switch where LLDP is enabled, and the other ports are going somewhere else where LLDP is not enabled. You can further troubleshoot by going to the Hardware Overview section, Interconnect Bays, Bay 1, and click on the Detailed statistics/information link for each of the uplinks, scroll down to the Remote Device Information section, that’s the decoding of the LLDP PDUs that VC is receiving on that port. Compare what you get on X5 with what you get on the other ports.




Any other comments or suggestions for Kelly?


Terri Harris
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Re: Virtual Connect FlexFabric - uplink "Connected to" info question

What is the VC fw?  VC 3.17: The "Connected To" column is still there but does not always populate. With VC 3.30 this feature will return.