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Virtual Connect FlexFabric with FCoE and iSCSI

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Virtual Connect FlexFabric with FCoE and iSCSI

Timo had a VC FlexFabric question:






Is it supported to run single pair of FlexFabric modules with profiles having FCoE and profiles having iSCSI ? Or do I need dedicated chassis for FCoE and dedicated chassis for iSCSI ?




Sam replied with the info:




No problem, in fact I’ve demonstrated this in a demo rig used for shows.

You can mix FCoE and iSCSI networks in the same VC Domain.  The only restriction is both FlexHBA ports of the same adapter (i.e. – LOM or MEZZ), must be either configured for FCoE or iSCSI.  See possible combinations in chart below.


Web pic 02.jpg




Also, as a general rule, if the VCM GUI allows the configuration to save without degradation, it’s supported.




Are you using the new VC FlexFabric module? Comments or questions?