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Virtual Connect Manager NIC Mapping

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Virtual Connect Manager NIC Mapping

I have a c7000 enclosure witn 8 x BL460c Gen8 blades, 2 VC Flex 10/10D in interconnect slots 1 & 2 and 4 x 6120XG blade switches in interconnect slots 3-6.


I want to create 4 virtual NIC's under the VC fabric adapters and present to each of my blades. In Virtual Connect Manager I can create my domain, networks etc but when I create a server profile and add the networks it maps network 3 and above on the list to the mezz 3 & 4 cards. I want these to be VC NIC's, what am I doing wrong? See screen shot attached, I want to make the mappings highlighted in red Flex Nics on Lom 1 b and Lom 2 b



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Re: Virtual Connect Manager NIC Mapping

Solved this by accident....


It adds the mezz cards in lines 3-6 then the rest of the flex adapters from 7 onwards. Working as expected now