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Virtual Connect Manager User account visible in OA 3.11

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Virtual Connect Manager User account visible in OA 3.11

Lawrence needed some clarification on the Virtual Connect Manager:




Hi Team,


Another problem that I've discovered with OA 3.11.  But I've seen this in earlier versions of OA as well, so I don't believe this is specific to version 3.11


On some of my customer's enclosures, the VCuser account is displayed.  Which it should NOT be when the enclosure was first configured.  It's as if something has gone wrong and the account has appeared out of the blue.


The VC user account should not be displayed, as far as I'm aware.  See this diagram below for an example where the vcuser account "vcmuser-vcsu" is displayed which I don't think is normal.  I would have expected it to remain hidden.


Is this a bug?




There was some discussion on this topic:




Vincent asked: 

That seems to be account for VCSU. Could it be that the screenshot was taken while a VCSU operation was in progress ? If not, I'd agree this is not normal.


Lawrence replied: 

Hi Vincent,


That screenshot was taken without any VCSU operation in progress.  It seems fairly random in a fleet of seven brand new c7000 enclosures that two out of the seven are displaying this user account, whilst the rest are not.


Since these new enclosures are not running production systems yet (greenfield site) we took a gamble and deleted the VCSU account, thinking that as soon as we log into the VC manager, there would be trouble.  The expectation was that VC manager would complain that there is no communication with the OA.


But when we logged into the VC manager after we deleted the account from OA, the VC manager did not complain.


So all is well, but we are a bit wary why the VCM user account should be visible - it should be hidden.  Which it is on most of the other enclosures.


Herman also joined the conversation: 

That is the user that VCSU, Virtual Connect Support Utility creates.  VCSU can be used to check/update the firmware on VC modules prior to Domain creation so I don’t think it would be abnormal to see this user.  When VCSU is done running it removes this user.  If there was a situation where VCSU was terminated before it deleted the user, it would stay resident in the OA until the next run of VCSU.


And Vincent added: 

As others have mentioned, the account you were seeing was for VCSU, not VCM, 2 different things with different accounts. The VCSU account is created and deleted on the fly during a VCSU operation. It's quite possible that a previous VCSU operation was interrupted abruptly preventing the cleanup from happening.




Any other discussion? Comments?