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Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) Command Line Interface ( CL)I problem

Trusted Contributor

Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) Command Line Interface ( CL)I problem

Alexander was having issues with the Virtual Connect Command Line Interface:





Hello, Team!


I have a problem with Virtual Connect Manager v 3.10 CLI. I have two domains controlling by VCEM.

So under Maintenance Mode CLI shows that i have all privileges, but almost any command(excluding command ->show) it shows that I have insufficient privileges

And it goes for any user, that I create from GUI, in CLI I can't create user





Vincent replied:




Even under maintenance, you cannot make any changes to a VC server profile via VCM. Server profiles remain the exclusive territory of VCEM, so that would explain why the set enet-connection command failed.

The add user command should work under maintenance I think, but the output below indicates you already had a hpadmin user ?




Other comments or suggestions? Are you using the Command Line Interface?