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Virtual Connect NPIV Maximums

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Virtual Connect NPIV Maximums

Lawrence asked about NPIV limits in Virtual Connect firmware:




Does anyone know if the VC f/w version 3.15 will increase the NPIV maximums for the two models of the VC-FC 8Gb interconnect modules?


One of my customers was hoping HP is doing something to the VC f/w code development to be able to increase the number of WWPNs per uplink, but since there is no release notes yet for VC f/w 3.15, I was not able to tell them whether there has been any increases.


As far as I’m aware these are the current NPIV maximums with VC f/w 3.10 and earlier are:


Revised VC-FC 4Gb module (p/n 409513-B22): 128 WWPNs per server and 255 WWPNs per uplink

8Gb 20-port VC-FC module: 128 WWPNs per server and 255 WWPNs per uplink

8Gb 24-port VC-FC module: 255 WWPNs per server and 255 WWPNs per uplink




Vincent replied:




255 is the maximum specified in the NPIV standard. Raising it would probably require amending the standard and making new hardware to implement it. In other words, don’t hold your breath.




Any comments or questions?