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Virtual Connect - Private Network

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Virtual Connect - Private Network

Gualberto had a customer question regarding Private Networks:



Using Virtual Connect Flex-10, is it possible create a “Private Network”, send network packets across two enclosures, customer wants to create a Private Network - vNet (non port assigned), assign the private network to a two server profiles, physical servers are located on separate enclosures, enclosures will be stacked though a CX4 cable.


Vincent had some words of wisdom:


There are 2 different ways to achieve this.

One is to make a 2-enclosure domain by importing one enclosure into the VC domain of the other, then create a VC network with NO uplink assigned and all servers connected to that network (in either enclosure) will be able to talk to each other. The physical link(s) between the 2 enclosures will be considered as stacking links.

The other one is to keep the 2 enclosures as 2 separate VC domains, create a VC network in each and assign to it the uplink(s) connecting to the other enclosure. Same result, all servers connected to these 2 networks will be able to talk to each other, but the link(s) between the 2 enclosures will NOT be considered as stacking links



Does this help? Are you communicating between enclosures to other chassis? How are you accomplishing this?