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Virtual Connect SUS Question

Occasional Contributor

Virtual Connect SUS Question

Hello All,



We are in the process of installing a new C7000 with TWO VCs in active/standby,  with 3 Blades and vmware hypervisor.


My quesitons is around the SUS setup, what is best practice around creating the Trunks, is it recommended to create TWO trunks (one for each VC) or can we create ONE trunk and assign the ports from both VCs?


Many Thanks

Occasional Contributor

Re: Virtual Connect SUS Question

It depends a bit on what goals you wish to achieve and how much redundancy and bandwith you need. I suggest you start with reading the Virtual Connect Cookbook, which is an excellent guide and it sums up a couple default configurations in a minimal amount of time. You can find it here. This little booklet has allready saved me loads of headaches :)