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Re: Virtual Connect Server Profile - Mapping Lost

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Virtual Connect Server Profile - Mapping Lost

We've had two BL460c Gen9 servers in c7000 G1 & G2 enclosures temporarily lose mappings to the Ethernet Adapter Connections and FC HBA Connections under their server profiles; the status was listed with a warning icon.  Shutting down and reseating the servers in the device bay allowed the server to restore connectivity and the status for those mappings went green.

Based on the previous troubleshooting we've done with HPE, this might be symptomatic of a compatibility issue between the BL460c Gen9 and the G1 & G2 enclosures that are running older VC modules (1/10Gb VC-Enet & VC 4Gb FC).

Our long-term fix is to retrofit our G2 enclosures with VCFF-20/40 F8 modules, replace the oldest G1 with G3 enclosures outfitted with VCFF-20/40 F8 modules, then migrate the newer BL46x Gen8/Gen9 servers to the G2 or G3 enclosures.

Has anyone out there been experiencing a similar intermittent mapping loss in their server profiles?  Thank you.


Re: Virtual Connect Server Profile - Mapping Lost


Please verify the OA, Blade and VC compatibility matrix.

How many servers are installed in the enclosure?

Does the enclosure has servers with different generations?

What is the frequency of the issue?

Does it happens on all the blades?

Is the firmware and drivers of the NIC and HBA on the servers are at recommended levels?

Have you tested any one Gen9 server with G2 C7000 enclosure to isolate the issue?

If your enclosure is updated as per the above matrix and you have tested the above. I request you to log a case with HPE.

Thank you.

I am a HPE Employee

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