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Virtual Connect Stacking questions regarding module requirements

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Virtual Connect Stacking questions regarding module requirements

Gaston had a MUlti-Enclosure Stacking (MES) question:




Hello Team, I have a Customer who is planning to cascade 2 C7000 Enclosures. One they have and buy a new one.


In the old Enclosure they have VC Flex-10 Modules in Bay 1 and 2. On the new Enclosure they’re interested in buying the new version Flex-10/10D and configure them in the same Bays. Is cascading supported in this scenario?.


In this document I’ve found that it’s not recommended:, in page 16 it says: “All enclosures must have the same HP VC Flex-10/10D module configuration. For example, if bays 1 and 2 of the Primary Enclosure contain HP VC Flex-10/10D modules, then bays 1 and 2 of Remote Enclosures 1, 2, and 3 must also contain HP VC Flex-10/10D modules.”


Do you have another point of view?




Reply from Fred:




The document is correct. The enclosures in a multi-enclosure domain must all have the same module configuration.


Just FYI, the reasoning is that the 10D module, just like FlexFabric, supports FCoE Uplinks.

Anything with FC/FCoE uplinks must be configured identically across all enclosures in a domain.

This rule has been around forever I think in VC.