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Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU) upgrade woes

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Virtual Connect Support Utility (VCSU) upgrade woes

Arnout was looking to help a customer upgrade throught their firewall:




Got a customer that still struggles with updating VC-FC modules due to firewall.  I thought this was fixed since VCSU 1.5.2?

Customer is using VCSU 1.7.0, but it appears the VC-FC upgrade still uses traditional FTP over a random port….

Is this due to his firmware being too old?  FW now is 3.30 and he wants to go to 3.60.


Does somebody has any advice on why this is happening?




Input from Mark:




There is no “FTP upgrade” that is failing.

The only thing that is failing is the healthcheck part of the -update.


You need to add -f health to command line allow this to work or select this during interactive mode.

There are differences between how Ethernet and FC are checked and differences in how the connectivity test is validated between a healthcheck and an update execute.


If you don’t want to override with –f health, then you will have to allow Port 21 to be open in the direction of VCSU Client to OA Mgmt network, so the TCP Connect to port 21 will succeed and the connectivity test will pass and the firmware update can complete. This doesn’t mean the binary images are transferred over FTP, the Ethernet binary is still sent via SCP to the Ethernet modules and the FC binary image is sent (staged) via SCP to the Ethernet module so the VC-FC modules can get image.




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