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Virtual Connect Support Utility (vcsu) and resetvcm command

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Virtual Connect Support Utility (vcsu) and resetvcm command

Olivier had a question regarding the Virtual Connect Support Utility:




Hello Team,


I would like to know if the “vcsu –a resetvcm” command will really reset the module or if it just reset the VCM application ?


We could see on the VCSU 1.5.2 user guide  P13 :



Reset a single module in an enclosure:

vcsu -a resetvcm -i -u Administrator -p password -b 1




On the  HP Virtual Connect Command Line Interface  P136:


To reset the Virtual Connect Manager, use the reset vcm command:

>reset vcm

>reset vcm [-failover]

Administrator privileges are required for this operation.

If VC Ethernet Modules are configured for redundancy using a primary and secondary Ethernet module, the user can use this feature to manually change which Virtual Connect Ethernet Module hosts the Virtual Connect Manager.

The feature can also force the Virtual Connect manager to restart without switching to the alternate Virtual Connect Ethernet module. This feature can be useful when troubleshooting the Virtual Connect manager. The network and FC processing of the Virtual Connect subsystem is not disturbed during the restart or failover of the Virtual Connect Manager. è Does it mean that resetting VCM will not reset any VC module ?


Usually, resetting VCM action is performed when VCM is not reachable, so in many case resetting VCM could only be done thru VCSU utility.



So it is not very clear at this time, Could you confirm that resetting VCM (thru VCSU or thru (when available) VCM) will not reboot/reset any VC Module and guaranty no traffic interruption (in any VCM version) ?


Thanks for your next feedback.




Sandeep replied:




Hi Olivier,

                The “vcsu –a resetvcm” only restarts the VCM application. It does not restart/reboot the VC module.




Anyone else who has tried this with success?