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Virtual Connect Support for non-Bay1/2 placement

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Virtual Connect Support for non-Bay1/2 placement

A VC configuration question from Reginald:






                Good afternoon! I just wanted to validate the following configuration for a customer’s implementation using the following configuration:


  • Interconnect Bays 1 and 2: (2)HP BLc 10GbE Pass-thru modules
  • Interconnect Bays 3 and 4: (2) Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules for FC connectivity only


The customer doesn’t want to use VC Ethernet modules in bays 1 and 2 given that is not their standard. So we’re proposing using pass-thru modules with VC FlexFabric modules for SAN connectivity only. I know we changed the ruling on where we can place VC modules in the enclosures for using the VCM. Based on what I’ve read this is a valid configuration but wanted verification. Second is there any advantage using FlexFabric mezzz cards versus the traditional Emulex FC mezz card if all they need is FC connectivity?






Comment from Vincent:




Yes, this is valid and supported, albeit expensive…

You need FlexFabric mezzanines, traditional HBAs will not connect to FlexFabric modules. They would connect to VC-FC modules but then you'd need FlexFabric or Flex-10 modules to manage them anyway.