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Virtual Connect (VC) 3.x without FlexFabric has no VC-FC uplink failover?

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Virtual Connect (VC) 3.x without FlexFabric has no VC-FC uplink failover?

Terri had a Virtual Connect - Fibre Channel question:






This is a clarification of the email I sent on "Virtual Connect FC with the new "Manual" uplink port distribution.


Based on the documentation and replies I have received, there is no automatic failover of VCFC uplink ports without a FlexFabric.


Is this correct?




Ramu responded:




Other than VC Flexfabric, if a new uplink is added to the fabric manually we need to redistribute the login by clicking on "Redistribute login".


Consider the automatic failover scenario as below:


There are two uplink ports are connected in VC-FC (non flexfabric) in a single fabric. If one uplink goes down the FC traffic is automatically sent across using the available single uplink.No manual intervention is needed for this. However when the failed link is up, then we need to click on "Redistribute login" to make the new link active.


See info below:


Yes correct Terri, please find below the part copied from VC installation and setup guide. 




Login re-distribution


When creating a SAN fabric using HP VC FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Modules, click Advanced to select


the login re-distribution.


Manual Login Re-Distribution—Configures the VC-FC module to expect the user to initiate login load




HP Virtual Connect Manager 103


Automatic Login Re-Distribution—Configures the VC-FC module to automatically initiate login load




The default is manual. The automatic option is only available on FlexFabric modules, and enables the user


to specify an interval, in seconds, for the length of time the previously offline links must be stable before


the module can re-distribute logins.





Comments or suggestions? Is this how your VC-FC works?