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Virtual Connect (VC) 4.20 sFlow feature with HP IMC software

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Virtual Connect (VC) 4.20 sFlow feature with HP IMC software

Andrea had a question regarding the new VC sFlow feature:




Has anyone tried to implement with some network colleagues the sFlow feature in VC 4.20 firmware with HP IMC?


See in 4.20 User Guide that sFlow config is pretty simple,  maybe there are some caveats or notable settings that we don’t want to beta-test on the field…




Input from Reginald:




                Good afternoon! I’ve actually tested the sFlow v5 capability in VC with IMC. Works! I was able to get it to work to capture traffic from the VC modules in both directions. I haven’t looked at the VC v4.20 User Guide given I did this prior to the documentation release.




Reply from Andrea:

Actually it seems that IMC v7 is working partially fine with VC modules with SNMP, I’m saying partially fine because VC modules needs SNMP polling at a low rate (15sec) otherwise they show you a “SAW Tooth” graph.


Unfortunately, IMC NTA (and so, sFlow) is not getting any data.

Wireshark running on IMC VM is showing sFlow packet communicating with VC on the VLAN we selected to communicate with the IMC-Server Virtual Machine.


By the way it’s a bit strange what is to be configured in the sFlow setting page in VC; expecially the “Module IP Address” in the lower page.

User Guide and Online Help on VCM HTTP page are not so clear on how to fill up everything.


Info from Jean-yves:


Hello Andrea

I have an IMC/SFLOW/VC4.20 configuration up and running in my lab

so let me know what is going wrong I’ll compare with my side







Reply from Andrea:

We just managed to make it work with sFlow, we needed a restart of the IMC server and then it worked.




Other experiences?


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Re: Virtual Connect (VC) 4.20 sFlow feature with HP IMC software

what is the sflow setting in sampiling rate