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Virtual Connect (VC) 8Gb 24-port SAN configuration

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Virtual Connect (VC) 8Gb 24-port SAN configuration

Rob had a VC SAN port question:





My customer has 2 enclosures, both using VC 8Gb 24-port FC cards going to 8G SAN switches, then to a 3PAR Array. When we look at the switchshow on the 8GB SAN switches, the ports show “1 N Port + 1 NPIV public”. Currently the servers being used only have the VSphere ESX client installed; no Windows or Linux O/S yet. Networking isn’t up and running yet, either.


At what point (O/S or networking install) will we see the port WWN’s on the switches so we can start zoning?





Reply from Stefan:





“1 N Port + 1 NPIV public” means that one of the blade is already logged into the fabric via this port. You will see “both” (the one of the blade + the one of virtual connect module port) WWNs with portshow command.


WWNs should logon to fabric during driver initialization or with boot from san while booting.


The WWNs you could also find in Server Profile in VirtualConnect Mannager/OneView if you use virtual WWNs. Otherwise in OA->DeviceBay->Information