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Virtual Connect (VC) Downlinks "Administratively Disabled"

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Virtual Connect (VC) Downlinks "Administratively Disabled"

Steve was helping a customer with a link issue:




Came across this interesting issue, an enclosure was upgraded to 3.61 VC and now all the downlinks are Administratively Disabled and the servers have no connectivity.


Heathcheck shows fine, restarted the modules…


Anyone seen this before?



The blade firmware was upgraded with the Sept 2013 SPP.  However, we did move one blade to a different enclosure and it is working there.


There is zero Dot3Pause errors.




From Hoa:

To another domain with same or later VC FW?   Can you move all or one by one if no open slot to another enclosure?   This will rule out LOM issue or 3.61 compatibility. 


From Steve:

Yes, we moved one blade to another identical VC domain and the blade worked fine.  I don’t believe it is a blade/compatibility issue.


From Dave:

Steve, did you try power cycle on the VC modules or re-applying the FW with the force option?

 Maybe the FW did not complete or take correctly?


From Nick:

Could it be that Virtual Connect Network Loop Protection has disabled them for some reason?


From Kelly:

I know you said zero “in” pause frames, curious – did you look at this screen to see if an “re-enable” button is offered?  Or try the CLI command mentioned in the help?



Lastly from Steve:

Kelly, correct, the Pause counter was zero.  I believe the customer said they ran the “reset port-protect" CLI command and it then started working.






Dzenan Beharovic_1
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Re: Virtual Connect (VC) Downlinks "Administratively Disabled"

If "reset port-protect" doesn't work, power off server, unassign the profile, apply and reeassign it to a slot again, apply.