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Virtual Connect (VC) Flex-10 MIB

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Virtual Connect (VC) Flex-10 MIB

Chuck was looking for the VC Flex-10 MIB for a customer:




My customers are looking for MIB information on Virtual Connect Flex-10 Devices can you please either point them or me in the right direction. The customer request is at the bottom, and it’s not a lot to go on.


I’ve found a few links, but don’t really think these are what they’re looking for:

This lead me to an advisory about the MIB and Firmware mismatch.

This lead me to the SIM page for MIB kits.

This one was for VC Connect Release Notes.  


Anyway, I was hoping you could let me know if I’m on the right track.




Input from Kevin:




Did you try this pointer?


New 9.30 MIB kit for HP SIM Windows which has updated vc-module-mib and vc-domain-mib:




Other suggestions?