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Virtual Connect (VC) Flex-10 Stacking question

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Virtual Connect (VC) Flex-10 Stacking question

Maciej had a question about which cables to use and max. length:




Hi Experts,


I have a configuration with 2 enclosures and 2 VC Flex-10 in each of enclosures. My question is how can I stack them. I think there are 2 solutions:

  1. Connect VC with 2 CX-4 cables on stacking links
  2. Connect VC with 2 SFP+ 10GbE Copper Cables on number one uplink port


Regarding those options, I have a question about something in Quick Spec:

Stacking Configuration

Stacking links are used to interconnect Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules when using more than one enclosure or when using more than two Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules in a single enclosure.

All Virtual Connect Modules within the VC Domain must be interconnected. Any combination of 1Gb and 10Gb cables can be used to interconnect the Virtual Connect Modules; however the following provides recommended configurations (note that a built-in 10Gb link is provided between modules in horizontally adjacent bays). Supported cable lengths on 10Gb uplinks are 3 to 15 meters and supported 10Gb stacking links (connecting between two HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules) are 0.5 to 7 meters

Interconnecting the modules allows all Ethernet NICs on all server blades in the Virtual Connect domain to have access to any Virtual Connect uplink port. By using these module-to-module links, a single pair of uplinks can be used as the data center network connections for the entire Virtual Connect domain, and allows any server blade to be connected to any Ethernet network.

Do I understand good, that with CX-4 cables we only can use 7m cables max, and with 10Gb SFP+ copper cables we can use 15m max? This is strange, because in QS we have for Flex-10 15m CX-4 cables and 7m SFP+ copper cables.




Armand confirmed:




CX4 is 15m max and DAC cables (SFP+ copper) is 7m max today.

So, the QuickSpec is right.

Both cable can be used for stacking.




Are you stacking enclosures? Does it do what you expected? Let us know.