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Virtual Connect (VC) legacy to expanded mode question.

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Virtual Connect (VC) legacy to expanded mode question.

Yaniv had a customer question:




Hi experts

I have Customer that has 5 c7000 enclosures with Virtual Connect FlexFabric that is on VM4.31 version

The Customer  has a problem that he can’t add any vlans to nics in the profile. The Custoemr has 28 Vlans on the NIC.

I find that the  parameter of VLAN CAPACITY is on legacy VLAN capacity and that why the CU have the problem.

I want to change it to Expanded VLAN capacity.

Can I do it without any reset to the VC, Domain? It is a production environment.




Reply from Fred:




Virtual Connect Flex-10  and more recent VC modules support expanded capacity.


Changing from legacy to expanded is non-disruptive.