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Virtual Connect (VCM) version 3.60 question

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Virtual Connect (VCM) version 3.60 question

Larry was looking for the links to VCM v3.60.




I’m looking for the link to download VC v3.60 firmware for Flex10 vc modules




Input from Jeroen:




Easy link for VCfw/VCSU download is as well:

Or the direct FTP VCfw download:

Or the VCfw/VCSU repository that I try to maintain:




and from Dan:



Support & Drivers

Drivers & Software

Search for “Virtual Connect FlexFabric” (I know you want Flex-10 but FlexFabric links to the downloads faster and it’s the same code)

Click on Windows Server 2003


The smaller size download is the BIN file by itself. - Link

The larger one that says Windows in the title is a Self Extracting ZIP that contains the BIN and also the Metadata files for HPSUM (leave it zipped for use with SUM) - Link

Under Utility-Tools is VCSU if you prefer to use that instead of SUM - Link




Any comments?