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Virtual Connect VLAN limitations re-visited

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Virtual Connect VLAN limitations re-visited

Maciej had a Virtual Connect VLAN limitation questions and Vincent replied in the email:




My doubts:

  1. Maximum number of VLANs per SUS is 128, so there is no possibility to create virtual network with more than 128 VLANs?

There is no possibility to put more than 128 VC networks in one SUS. You could make a second SUS, with different uplink ports, with another 128 VC networks, subject to the other limitations


   2. If I have SUS with 2 physical uplinks and this SUS have 128 VLANs configured, do I have used 256 VLANs towards 320 limit? If this SUS would have 3 physical uplinks, the limit of VLANs would be reached?

Yes to both questions.


  3.  What about VLAN tunneling? Can I tunnel more than 128 VLANs per virtual network? Is there any limitation in tunnel vlans configuration?

In VLAN tunneling mode, VC does not know that it is carrying multiple VLANs, so it does not limit anything. You could potentially have 4095 VLANs (the standard maximum) carried into one VC network in tunnel mode.


Keep in mind the Virtual Connect VLAN limitations:

Maximum number of networks per shared uplink set (SUS):

o For Virtual Connect v2.30 and later – 128 networks

o For Virtual Connect v1.34 and Virtual Connect v2.10 – 64 networks

o For all other versions of Virtual Connect – 32 networks

  • • As of Virtual Connect Firmware v2.30, the following shared uplink set rules apply per domain when

in mapping mode:

o Maximum of 28 unique server mapped VLANs per server profile network connection

o Maximum of 128 unique VLANs per shared uplink set

o Maximum of 320 unique VLANs per Virtual Connect Ethernet module

o Every VLAN on every uplink counts towards the 320 VLAN limit. If a shared uplink set is

comprised of multiple uplinks, each VLAN on that shared uplink set is counted multiple times.

o Although 320 VLANs can be supported within each module, the overall number of VLANs within

the VC Domain is also restricted due to performance limitations of the VC Manager during

module restore or recovery. The limits are defined based on usage scenarios.