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Virtual Connect & Upstream Network reachability


Virtual Connect & Upstream Network reachability

Dear Team,

My customer is having a blade chassis with 2 VC (working in tunnel mode). Each Virtual connect is connected to a single HPE FF5700 Switch. The 5700 switch is working as L2 switch. Each 5700 switch is connected to single upstream router (PE1 & PE2). So, VC1 is connected to FF5700-1 connected to PE1; VC2 is connected to FF5700-2 connected to PE2.

When PE1 routers goes down (or the link to this PE goes down) - the VC is not aware of this issue .. and still forward the traffic to the  FF5700-1. 

I need to find a way to let VC1 know that the network behind the PE1 is not reachable (or the connection between FF5700-1 and PE1 is down), so that it doesn't send any traffic through VC1 and switch the traffic to VC2.

Note: PE1 & PE2 are connected together.


Islam Mongy

HPE Aruba Presales Consultant