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Virtual Connect and Cisco Fabric Path question

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Virtual Connect and Cisco Fabric Path question

Charlie had a customer question in working with Cisco Fabric Path:




Anyone aware of if/how we support connecting VC FlexFabric or VC Flex-10/10D to Cisco’s Fabric Path?


I wasn’t familiar with Cisco Fabric Path until recently.


I have a customer that’s looking to set this up, as their network team is working to set up all of their Cisco gear this way.  So far, the customer has not been able to get our VC FlexFabric module to cooperate with this new “feature” on the Nexus 5xxx switches.




Help from Dave:




We are considered an end node to Cisco Fabric Path – thus we do not participate in Fabric Path from a path calculation point of view.  That would be the Nexus 5 or 7K’s responsibility.




Any other help or comments?