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Virtual Connect and Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization

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Virtual Connect and Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization

Scott had a customer question regarding Virtual Connect and Cisco OTV technology co-existence:




A large customer using VC is getting ready to span 2 different data centers and they asked the question if HP has tested this with Cisco’s Overlay Transport Virtualization. My response was, does this work in a non-VC environment? that wasn’t good enough, they need to know if we actually tested this? Anybody know? I don’t understand the technology enough to offer a qualified technical response.



Anything you have would be helpful!




Hongjun who is a Cisco Certified provided this answer:




OTV has no idea what the server access technology is. OTV devices only manage MAC addresses across DCs and they don’t care if those MACs are from rack mount server,  Bladesystem(+VC). So the existence of VC is irrelevant of OTV technology.




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