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Virtual Connect and Nortel LACP

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Virtual Connect and Nortel LACP


I'm facing an issue in the configuration of my Virtual Connect on a C3000 with 2 switchs Nortel


In the VC configuration, I created a network "Production".

I include in it 4 external uplink ports : Bay 3 port X5, Bay 3 port X6, Bay 4 Port X5, Bay 4 port X6


The Bay 3 port X5 and Bay 3 port X6 are connected on a first Nortel Switch

The Bay 4 Port X5 and Bay 4 port X6 are connected on a second Nortel Switch


In the configuration of the Nortel Switchs, I configured the LACP for the two ports that are connected on each nortel switch

The problem is, that in the VC network "Production" I created, only two ports are active and the others are standy

How can I do in order to have the 4 ports active ?



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Re: Virtual Connect and Nortel LACP

I think that's because they are going to separate switches.  I would suggest either creating two SUS and having the connections from Bay 3 go to one and Bay 4 to the another.  Or move all your connections to the same switch.

Hongjun Ma
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Re: Virtual Connect and Nortel LACP

VC doesn't support LACP bundle across different VC modules.


For the design of VC uplink going to switch, you only have 2 options


1) Active/Active

2) Active/Standby


The way you configured your current VC module is design 2. For design 1, you need to create 2 vnets(if you want to use access ports) or 2 SUSs(if you want to use trunk ports for multiple vlans).


Please take a look at this VC technical overview deck and jump to slide 18 and 22 for the configuration for these 2 designs.


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