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Virtual Connect and VLANs

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Virtual Connect and VLANs

2 HP VC Flex-10/10D - VC 4.40 - VMWare 6.0

All I want to do is to get my vlans on the VC to work correctly and to talk to my NetApp. The NetApp is setup for NFS and is working on 5 other ESXi servers with a port on each server set for VLAN 50.

I have 3 fiber connections in each Flex-10/10D. The first 2 are trunked for the VM's and the 3rd is for the data. They are connected to an HP switch with the ports set to the correct VLAN as tagged.

I have 5 network connections in VMWare, 2 for VM's and Management (VLAN 1), 2 for data (IPStorage)(VLAN 50), and 1 for vMotion.

UplinkSet_1 has Bay 1: Port X1 and X2 with Associated Network, Network_1-1(VLAN ID 1)

UplinkSet_2 has Bay 2: Port X1 and X2 with Associated Network, Network_2-1(VLAN ID 1)

UplinkSet_3 has Bay 1: Port X3 with Axxociated Network - Network_1-50(VLAN ID 50)

UplinkSet_4 has Bay 2: Port X3 with Axxociated Network - Network_2-50(VLAN ID 50)

UplinkSet_5 is for the vMotion.

I have the networks setup in the same order on the server profile page.

All the ports show up correctly in ESXi but when I try and map storage, it cannot find the Netapp NFS. I have everything setup the exact same as my 5 other servers so I know it's something in VC, I just don't know where.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!



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Re: Virtual Connect and VLANs

I don't know much about NetApp storage access, but I know about SAN fabric. Could it be something as simple as that the NetApp storage needs to "allow" wwn connection for that HBA and VC ( much like Zoning)?