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Virtual Connect and two enclosures and other questions

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Virtual Connect and two enclosures and other questions

Ray had a question regarding stacking of enclosures:




Can you manage two enclosures that are on separate subnets with Virtual Connect manager, or should they be configured as two separate domains?




Hoa added some caution:




You can “Stack” VC Domain from 2-4 enclosures.      The problem I encountered is that even with latest VCSU 1.5.2 we can’t force update on:


1)      A single or failed Module as in one enclosure Domain in MES.

2)      This can become messy with customer’s ability to Vmotion everything off one enclosure in MES configuration.     You can’t update VC Modules in one enclosure only in MES configuration.      This is not documented anywhere until you see the errors show up on VCSU 1.5.2.




Joe chipped in:




The question is can the customer have enclosures on two subnets AND combine them into a MES, I say NO.  All enclosures in a virtual connect domain must be in the same management subnet.   All OA's and Virtual Connect modules for each enclosure to be managed must be in the same IP subnet.  Per the VC MES Reference Guide.




Any other comments or suggestions? Are you using Multi-Enclosure Stacking?