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Virtual Connect feature issue.

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Virtual Connect feature issue.

Debbie had a customer question on a Virtual Connect feature:



I have a customer who updated the HP 1/10gb Virtual Connect Ethernet firmware from 2.33 to 3.01 so he can add two BL860i2 servers to this enclosure, after running the firmware update the Add Network Connections button is missing from the Edit Profile page (see screenshot below). Has anyone seen this and how can we get the button back?


Dave and Alex provided the key:



VC 3.x and above now uses Active X.

You will need to select a Profile line, right click that line and select your option. The screens are a little cleaner this way.

Some lines accept a left click also.

If the screen does not change then you will need to click outside the selected line.

And Alex amended Dave's response:

One correction, not Active X, it runs Adobe Flash technology and requires Adobe Flash player v 10 or later.



This should help Debbie. I have seen this brought up in other instances. Comments?