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Virtual Connect flexlom reordering of vmnics

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Virtual Connect flexlom reordering of vmnics

Hello community.

I have a VMware ESXi cluster running on multipl e vlade servers. These are all configured similarly.

lom1:a and lom2:a vm network

lom1:c and lom2:c mgmt/vmotion

lom1:d and lom2:d iscsi

lom1:b and lom2:b Assigned to FCoE , however we will repurpose these into another shared uplink set and this will configure similar to lom1:a and lom2:a

My concern is that once I power down the blades and remove the definition for lom1:b and lom2:b the vmnics presented to the ESXi hosts may becone reordered and jack the configuration. For example lom1:b and lom2:b may be assigned to the mgmt/vmotion network where lom1:c and lom2:c currently are. This concern was raised because on a test blade when I unhide the unused flexnics I get the warning in the screen shot about possible reordering.


Can anyone confirm. If I am not clear I can elaborate. I did not setup the FCoE unused definition so stating that this was a bad practice is not lost on me.. but will not hep me at this time,


Regular Advisor

Re: Virtual Connect flexlom reordering of vmnics


Seems I am approaching this wrong. Rather than create a new shared uplink set for uplink port x5, I am going to simply add uplink port 5 to the shared uplink set. SUS are defined on FlexFabric 10/24 to be clear. 

In an Active/Active Shared uplink set configuration is this supported? Specifically do all the uplink ports in each shared uplink set need to carry the same VLAN IDs? Or can I split them. See below for an explanation.

We are using Active/Active SUS, so we have 1 shared uplink set (SUS) per bay consisting only of uplink port X4 on the respective interconnect..

Currently SUSA=Bay1::PortX4, want to make this SUSA=Bay1::PortX4andPortX5

Currently SUSB=Bay2::PortX4, want to make this SUSB=Bay2::PortX4andPortX5

Currently PortX4 on SUSA and SUSB are connected to trunked ports passing multiple VLANs. What we are going to do is to add Portx5 to SUSA and SUSB respectively. We will then remove 2 of the VLAN definitions from the switch ports connected to PortsX4 and define them on switch ports connected to PortsX5.

So the end result is 


SUSA::PortX4 = VLANID 1 through VLANID 8

SUSA::PortX5 = VLANID 9 and 10


SUSB::PortX4 = VLANID 1 through VLANID 8

SUSB::PortX5 = VLANID 9 and 10

I am aware thsat you can have multple uplink ports in a shared uplink set however, In an Active/Active Shared uplink set configuration, do all the uplink ports in each shared uplink set need to carry the same VLAN IDs? Or can I split them like I have defined above where PortX4 carries 1-8 and PortX5 carries 9-10?