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Virtual Connect hostname

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Virtual Connect hostname



I need evidence of the Virtual Connect hostname and IP address.  When I got this screenshot the hostname is not shown.  Maybe it was never setup.  If that is the case how can I setup the hostname for the Virtual Connect or where I can grb a screenshot showing both the hostname and IP address.



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Re: Virtual Connect hostname



You may change the VC hostname from VCM(Vitual Connect Manager).


1. In VCM, select the hardware.


2. Click on Interconnect bays.


3. Select the Switch.


4. Click on Module Host Name.


You will have an option to reset the module name.


Check out the screen shot attached.


The options listed will change depending on the firmware versions installed.


Please give this a try and let me know the status.


I hope the info will help you.




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Re: Virtual Connect hostname

I did that but still (on the screen that I included) does not show the hostname.  I am assuming that hostname equals user assigned name.  If that is not the case, then how can I assign the user assigned name.  I need to capture a screen that includes the hostname and the IP.