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Virtual Connect internal communication path

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Virtual Connect internal communication path

Tristan had a customer question:




What is the hardware path used by VC in bays 1 and 2 to sync their config?

We have a customer where both VC are detected OK by the OA but cannot see each other?





Monty had the answer:




The c7000 enclosure tech brief

Figure 4 shows the management block diagram of c7000.


Virtual Connect Manager uses the Active OA management switch to communicate with all the other VC modules and the OA within an enclosure.


The Onboard Administrator gathers data such as product name, serial number and IP address over a dedicated i2c bus to each interconnect bay.  The OA CLI “show interconnect info” below was all obtained using i2c to the ISMIC on each interconnect module.  The OA does not use Ethernet to communicate with any interconnect module.  The OA display of the Virtual Connect Manager URL at the bottom of the OA GUI tree view is based on a URL obtained over the i2c bus to the VC module in bay 1 or 2 that is currently the VC Manager.


VCSU information is obtained from the OA and from VC Manager using the credentials provided at login to VCSU.

In the VCSU log snippet you posted below, it looks like VCSU checked the IP address connectivity of both VC modules in bays 1 and 2.


I suspect the VC sync problem is not an Ethernet problem, but a VC Manager state problem.  It looks like VC #1 is the domain primary – have you tried power cycling the VC #2 from the OA?



Tristan replied:




Resetting VC in bay 2 by removing the module had no effect.

Then we tried a vcsu –resetvcm to reset VCM in bay 1 and indeed everything came back normal.


Thanks a lot for your detailed answer and help,





Any comments or other suggestions?