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Virtual Connect modules to Cisco DAC support

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Virtual Connect modules to Cisco DAC support

Justo had a cable compatibility question:




Below is a question from one of my customers regarding whether or not we support some Cisco DAC cables with VC.  I’ve checked the VC Connection Matrix so I know that we support Cisco DAC from 1m – 7m but I’m not sure if we support “active” DAC cables.  Since, 7m seems to be the magic mark to go to active I’m guessing that we support the 7m “active” cables.  Just my guess though.


Can anyone enlighten me?




Ray answered:




  • Since firmware 3.x, the limitation to use only HP branded cables has disappeared. Now you can use 3rd party DAC Cables, but they will be logged as “unsupported”. Currently allowed DAC Cables are from Cisco and Brocade, other non allowed cables will not link.
  • Requirements for 3rd party DAC Cables are
    Length: from 1 to 7 meters (no 0.5 meters)
    Connector: Copper Pigtail
    Speed: >=10Gb
    Transceiver Code: active or passive



That answered Justo's question. Any other input for him?