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Virtual Connect network moves or changes

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Virtual Connect network moves or changes

Lajos had a network change question:




Do we have a simple way (single CLI command) to move a VC netvork to a different uplink set?




Steve responded:




That depends, are you wanting to to move a Vnet that is part of a Shared Uplink Set (SUS) to a different SUS?  No.  You would need to delete the Vnet, then add it to the other SUS.  However, to delete it you would need to remove it from all profiles.  This can be scripted.


However, if you want to change uplinks for a SUS then,  Yes, take a look at the Virtual Connect Command Line Interface (CLI) guide.  I believe you want to use the "Set" command, you add the new uplink, then remove the old one with this command.  Also the Virtual Connect cookbook has script examples is adding uplinks.




Look here for the Virtual Connect CookBook links:


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