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Virtual Connect - promiscuos mode question

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Virtual Connect - promiscuos mode question

Eriko had a customer question:




Does anyone know if Virtual connect supports Promiscuous mode settings? My customer wants to analyze TCPDump from CrentOS in a specific blade.


Please any reply on that will be very appreciated.




Reply from Robert:





VC would not affect promiscuous mode in an OS, nor would promiscuous mode in an OS affect VC.  I am not sure what the customer is really attempting.  VC does not filter any valid traffic.  VC does have the port monitor feature, which can be configured to mirror traffic from a downlink port(s) to a specified monitor uplink port. 


Usually when I hear a request for ‘promiscuous’ mode it is because the customer is trying to send traffic from an external spanned port to a VC network.  They then associate a network adapter from a host to that VC network to analyze the spanned traffic.  They expect all of the spanned traffic to be forwarded.  But only broadcast, multicast and unicasts destined for the analyze host will be forwarded.  VC cannot span traffic from an uplink port to any other port within VC.