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Virtual Connect query

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Virtual Connect query

Syed had a customer question:




IHAC and is asking me a simple query. And response seems simple and obvious. But while I tried to test in simulator I hit a road block.


The query:  BL 465 Gen 8 Servers with VC FlexFabric 10/24-Port modules


They want to pass all the traffic from single uplink (non-tagged) (LOM 1a, 1b, 1c, from Uplink in Bay 1 and LOM 2a, 2b, 2c from Uplink in Bay 2).


What I did was create 2 network profiles (Network01 and Network02), one for each uplink port in Bay 1 (VC1) and Bay 2 (VC2). When I create Server profile and assign Network01 to Lom 1a and 1b, and Network02 to Lom 2a and 2b, it returns with error saying they 1a and 2a are using Same physical port.


Appreciate if anyone can guide or assist how this can be achieved.   Single Uplink- Single Network- Multiple Server NICs.


Any guidance or advice is appreciated. Thank you.




From Dan:




What you are trying to do is not allowed because VC uses the Network/VLAN as the identifier of which traffic goes to which vNIC.


Why didn't they just make LOM1a twice the size in the profile and use Network01 once?



The only way to make what you want work is to use more uplinks and have the upstream switch send the same VLAN down both but in VC call them different names.

VC1:X1 = Network1a = LOM1a

VC1:X2 = Network1b = LOM1b


VC2:X1 = Network2a = LOM2a

VC2:X2 = Network2b = LOM2b




Same input from Cullen:




You cannot connect the same network to two FlexNICs on the same physical port.  You could connect Network01 to LOM 1a and 2a, and Network02 to LOM 1b and 2b.


There are two reasons you can’t do that:

  1. Technical reasons related to how the FlexFabric tags these networks internally.
  2. It doesn’t make much sense – you’re connecting the same network twice to the same physical NIC.



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