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Virtual Connect questions, very urgent!!!!

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Virtual Connect questions, very urgent!!!!

Nick was in the middle of a customer POC and had some Virtual Connect questions:



Customer is is a POC with VC flex 10 and they have the following requirements in their ESX environment.


Customer wants only 2x 10GB links connected to C7000, 1x 10GbE linke to bay 1, second 10GbE link to bay 2.


Customer wants to bring up on each of these links a bunch of vlans.


As example let’s assume 10 vlans, 1 vlan will be the management vlan for ESX, second vlan is for vmotion. The remaining 8 vlans are for virtual servers(guests)


Customer wants to strip off the management vlan and assign it to ESX Host server Ethernet port 1, then customer wants to strip of vmotion vlan and assign to ESX Host server port 2, finally the customer wants to take the remaining 8 vlans, not specifically identify them and pass them tags all intact and connect it to ESX Host port 3.


The reason for this design is that customer would like to add additional vlans as required to accommodate guests, but would not want to go back and change vc each time


Can we do this with one shared uplink set. or do we need multiple uplinks????  Or what is the configuration that would or could allow this?? Is it actually possible??


Chris engaged with Nick:


It depends if they want both uplink ports Linked/Active.  IF you have only one SUS with both uplinks, then only one will be Linked/Active, with the other uplink Linked/Standby.  If you have two SUS’s, then both uplink ports will be Linked/Active.  Then, for Network Connection 3 (and 6), you would select Multiple Networks, and then map the VLANs you require.


Take a look at the VC Cookbook, as it goes over this very scenario in depth.



Good info from Chris. Are you using multiple uplinks and SUS groups to have multiple Active/Active uplink ports? Or do you prefer to have one of the vLANs as a standby/passive mode? Let us know.