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Virtual Connect "Power off Required" when it shouldn't be.

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Virtual Connect "Power off Required" when it shouldn't be.

John had a DCC (Device Control Channel) customer issue:




One of my local customers asked me to pop by to look at something “odd” – in short, VC is yelling at them and telling them that a profile modification is requiring the server to be powered off.   However, what they are trying to do is NOT a “power off required” operation.




There are 8 profiles assigned – they are all identical – and were copied off the same “profile template”.


Profiles 1 thru 3 behave as expected.

Profiles 4 thru 8 exhibit the odd behavior.


The odd behavior can be produced by:


Adjusting the speed – ie (custom 5GB to custom 4GB) or taking an assigned vlan to ‘unassigned’ is throwing up a “Server must be powered off” window.   


I’ve grabbed a support dump. 


All the servers are  Gen 8 – all were built at the same time.


FW on the chassis is 3.70.   Profiles built after 3.70 applied.


Anyone see this type of behavior?   This definitely isn’t expected behavior.




Input from Hariom:




Just a summary of DCC features:


Virtual Connect firmware v2.30 introduced Device Control Channel (DCC) support to enable Smart Link with FlexNICs. This also enables setting Flex-10 bandwidth on the individual FlexNIC interfaces without powering-off the server. Other enabled changes are:

•       Add a network to a NIC that is already configured for "multiple networks"

•       Delete a network from a NIC that is already configured for "multiple networks"

•       Set bandwidth on the individual FlexNICs

•       Add a network to a NIC that is already configured for "multiple networks"

•       Change a NIC's assignment from "unassigned" to either a single network or multiple networks



The following changes require powering down the server:

•       Assigning a profile to a server

•       Unassigning a profile with Flex-10 connections

•       Deleting a profile, moving a profile to a different device bay, or unassigning a profile from the existing bay

•       PXE enable/disable

•       Changing the number of connections (adding or removing, not assigning networks to connections)

•       Changing the VC assigned serial number

•       Changing Fibre Channel boot parameters


DCC should take care of it, which is built in from VC FW 2.30 onwards. There are three components necessary to make DCC work:


VC Firmware

NIC/CNA firmware

Operating System driver




Reply from John:




For those of you waiting on pins-and-needles for a resolution / explanation on this one:


In my customer’s case below – all of this is by design.


The reason we were getting prompted for a “power off this server to continue” was that there was no OS on that server – It was just an unprovisioned server continually rebooting.


In order for DCC to work and to be able to make “hot” changes to a profile, there needs to be a running OS behind that profile with a DCC-enabled NIC driver.   


No, like in Hariom email earlier in this thread:  


3 operative requirements:


VC Firmware

NIC/CNA Firmware

OS driver.


We were only playing with 2 of 3 parts – and ergo, errors.


And now I know ….




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