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Virtual Connect stacking problem

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Virtual Connect stacking problem



Joe was looking to help a customer with a Multi-Enclosure Stacking (MES) config:




I’m working with a customer to get 3 enclosures stacked. The customer is using a ME HA config like the one below with 3 enclosures instead of 4 like the diagram shows (I’m assuming this will work with 3 enclosures). VC modules are FlexFabric with x5 and x6 used for stacking. We have the master domain configured and working perfectly. The other enclosures will import but we keep seeing critical errors on the stacking links.


We verified the SFP’s used for the stacking links which are supported 10Gb SR SFP+ part number 455883-B21. All firmware is identical OA 3.71 and VC4.01, this is a matrix. If I check the stacking links I will see x7 and x8 go into an “unknown” state. There are no SFP’s in any of the x7 or x8 ports. With the SFP’s plugged in to x5 and x6 and the cables run according to the below diagram, the port status lite is “out” which means “not connected”. I can’t seem to get the amber lite indicating a stacking link. All hardware is identical.


Before I got involved, the customer created 3 separate VC domains with the stacking cables connected, so the first thing we did was delete the 2 domains and reimported then into the Master domain group for an end result of 3 enclosures in 1 domain. I don’t know if the previous config could have messed something up but I would doubt its since everything was deleted to start over. We also reset all the vc modules in the 2nd and 3rd enclosures to power them up one at a time with no luck.


I can watch from the VC module management pane and see the vc domain keeps trying to sync without success. I’m kind of at a loss here because it sure seems like everything is connected the way I would expect it to be. I’m working this remotely, so I can’t physically view the enclosures.




Info from Dave:




Did you clear the VC Mode on the OAs after they were removed?






Other comments or suggestions?