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Virtual Connect supported setup

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Virtual Connect supported setup

Hari wanted to confirm a Virtual Connect configuration:






We have a customer setup with C7000 enclosure , in Bay1 and Bay 2 we are having the Pass through Ethernet modules.


In Bay 3 we are planning to keep the VC Ethernet 1/10 GB modules  and in Bay 5 and Bay 6 we will be having the VC FC modules .


As per my understanding with VC firmware 3.1 onwards the above configuration is supported one as we will move away from the bay dependency of virtual connect modules. Can anyone confirm on this.




Dave provided the confirmation:




Your correct,


From the ‘Description’, ‘Enhancement‘ Tab, third bullet:

Enhancements/New Features:
     •Support for HP ProLiant BL 460c G7 server. 
     •Support for HP NC522m Dual Port Flex-10 10GbE Multifunction BL-c Adapter.
     •Removed VCM requirement for Primary/Secondary VC Interconnect modules to be placed in I/O bays 1 and 2.
     •Support for Brocade 804 8Gb FC hBA for HP BladeSystem c-Class.
     •Provides the ability to display Fibre Channel and Ethernet port statistics via the VCM CLI.




Good improvement. Any comments?