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Virtual Connect v3.15 FW

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Virtual Connect v3.15 FW

Andrea was looking to help a customer:




We found that in case you’re using BL465c G7 and Linux, then VC ver.3.15 is mandatory to change NIC 1b/2b personality at BIOS level.

Otherwise there was no way to change them using Virtual Connect v.3.10.




Hiro commented:




If you want to use FlexFabric functionality, you also have to use appropriate CNA’s firmware and driver.

Please see recipe.


HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric Solution Recipe




Andrea replied:




Thanks for the link but it was a simpler solution.


In that case the customer only wanted network functionality (no FC, no iSCSI), but the VC firmware 3.10 wasn’t able to change the nic personality from iSCSI to Network, even in the profiles were correctly setted with eight NICs the linux RH 5.4 server only saw six of them (because LOM1b/2b were in iSCSI HBA personality).

Installed VC 3.15 and all worked flawlessy.




Good news!