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Virtual Connect v4.00 : mixed support for FCoE and FC fabrics

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Virtual Connect v4.00 : mixed support for FCoE and FC fabrics

Mara had a question regarding mixing fabrics on VC FlexFabric when VC v4.00 is available:




Hi team, one of my customer is asking if , when the VC 4.00 firmware will be available, can it support both FcoE and FC uplinks.

To clarify: he wants to connect 2 uplink ports in FcoE to a Nexus 5k  and other 2 ports in FC 8Gb to a FC SAN switch.

To have an idea , this is the scenario he wants to implent:




Reply from Gallig:

With VC 4.0 on a Flex Fabric module, you can use both FCoE and FC at the same time (but not on the same ports).
You can have, for instance, X1 and X2 as a standard FC uplink (connected to a Brocade switch for instance) and X5 and X6 being part of the Shared Uplink Set with a FCoE network defined on it (connected to Nexus 5K).


Input from Dan:

This is slightly incorrect.

While I agree from the material I have seen you can mix, on FlexFabric ONLY the left 4 ports will support FCoE so the below example of X5 and X6 carrying FCoE would be incorrect.

X1 and X2 being FC with X3 and X4 being FCoE would be more in line with everything I have been reading/hearing.




Dan is correct. Any other input or questions?