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Virtual Connect ver. 3.15 failed update on Fibre Channel modules

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Virtual Connect ver. 3.15 failed update on Fibre Channel modules

Ana was having update issues:






Today we were updating a VC enclosure to 3.15, and the FC modules update failed. From this moment on, the showed as "Incompatible" when doing a "show interconnect" from the CLI. 

Have you been through a similar issue? Do you know what can be the problem? We tried resetting all components of the enclosure, even the whole chassis, but it didn't work.




Mark got involved:

If you use VCSU (Virtual Connect Support Utility) to update firmware, there will be a LOG filed associated with that update on the local system that VCSU was executed from. Vcsu-<processid>.log If there are more than 1 of the log files, you will need to open them up to determine which one is associated with the firmware update execution.

That file...will provide detailed information about the VCSU update process and may provide the information or association to the reason the update failed.


If you were running Firmware 3.x on Ethernet and 1.40 on FC, and the Ethernet upgraded to 3.15 but the FC failed to update to 1.41, then it would be normal to report the VC-FC as "Incompatible"

What it is reporting is VC-FC 1.40 is Incompatible with VC 3.15, and it requires VC-FC 1.41, that's all.


As did Kevin: 

Not sure if this is the same as the issue we had a few weeks ago but make sure you are using the latest version of VCSU.  We were getting the update failed message but the latest VCSU made it right.


Use the latest VCSU (1.5.2) to ensure no firewall issues are preventing the VC Fibre Channel Modules from updating, see link below:




Ana indicated success:




Thanks to all of you who gave me ideas for this issue. I finally updated the modules!


Actually, the problem was the firewall. I was misled because I had been able to update the Enet modules, and I had TFTP port 69 opened on the firewall. But Lee Rodberg gave me the clue:


"the Ethernet modules are updated by pushing the firmware using SSH to the Ethernet modules.  The FC modules are updated by pulling the firmware update from the computer running VCSU using FTP and a random port.  This is why the Ethernet modules will succeed but the FC modules will fail."


RANDOM port were the words. I disabled all firewall (thanks for the documents on doing this), and used vcsu 1.5.1, and everything worked fine.


So, problem solved, thank you all for your help




Good News!!