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Virtual connect active/active Problem in test

New Member

Virtual connect active/active Problem in test

Hello i need your help.

We have a C7000 with two Virtual Connect Module with ESX 6.0, and we configured two shared links, with four nics as multiple networks, and the configuration works fine with the VMware and shows four vmnics: vmnic0, vmnic1(vSwitch0), vmnic2, vmnic3(vSwitch1), but when we try to do the test for active/active virtual connect, only the vSwitch(vmnic0 and vmnic1)  works, the vSwitch(vmnic2, vmnic3) does not work.

So the vSwitch0 can works when the virtual connect was turn-off, but the vSwitch1 fails all the vmnics at different virtual connect.

So we need your help, why this happen?, how can we fix this issue?