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Virtual connect to SAN SW connection

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Virtual connect to SAN SW connection


I have a blade enclosure that have two virtual connect that is directly connected to a 3par 8200 , two cables from each virtual connect to a controller . we get new 3par 8200 connected to external rack SAN SW.

I want to connect the virtual connect to the external san sw so i can map LUNs from a new 3par storage to severs in this enclosure .

I will remove one cable from each virtual connect and connect it to the external SAN sw .

I will remmove one cable from each 3par controller to the same external SAN SW

My questions ::

How to configure that connection on the virtual connect ?

what is the impact on production for removing cables from from virtual connect and from 3par?

regarding the external san sw what to do?


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Re: Virtual connect to SAN SW connection

Please refer FC Cookbook for HP Virtual Connect (Page Number 90), Scenario7: Mixed Fabric-Attach and Flat SAN connectivity with HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-Port modules and HP 3PAR Storage Systems. This matches to your new configuration.

One SAN path will go down if you remove one uplink cable from the virtual connect.

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