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Virtuall Connect Flex-10 and BL680c G7 replacing BL460c G7

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Virtuall Connect Flex-10 and BL680c G7 replacing BL460c G7

Maciej had a blade replacement question:






My customer bought c7000 with VC Flex-10 and 4 BL460c G7. He will configure them with virtual MACs. In the next step he will replace them with BL680cG7. Question is if he can remove the BL460 and replace them with BL680? Will the created profiles fit to BL680 (meaning that when BL460 had MACs assigned to all 8 NICs – 4 on one 10GB and 4 on the other one – when You will assign the existing profile to BL680, it will have also 8 NICs – using only 2x 10Gb – and those NICs will have the same MAC addresses?

It is crucial that new servers will have the same MACs.

If it is possible, are there any special things to do or maybe you can unassign one profile and assign it to BL680c?




Vincent had some answers for Maciej:




Hi Maciej,


It should work, but the connections will not be mapped the way you think (which shouldn't be a problem in itself): the BL680c G7 has 6 10Gb FlexFabric ports, so the first 6 network connections in the server profile will be mapped to the first physical functions of each of the 6, 10Gb ports and the next 2 connections will be mapped to the second physical functions (in absence of any FCoE or iSCSI connection in the profile) of the first 2 10Gb ports. The MAC addresses will be retained.




Any other suggestions or comments?