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Virutal Connect FlexFabric Addition

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Virutal Connect FlexFabric Addition



And happy Friday to you all on this side of the world. Mohammed asked a series of questions earlier this week about FlexFabric:




Hello Experts,


We are planning with one of the customers a 2 x VC flexfabric addition to 2 x  C7000 enclosure, which already has 2 X flexfabric modules in bay1 and 2.


The customer is running esx and needs a plan that can do this with minimum IO disruption,

One enclosure is running a standalone VCM and the other one is part of a VCEM domain group.


My questions are,

  1. Will we be able to add those modules with out downtime, i.e. without deleting the domain or changing configuration.   
  2. If yes, then can we split the existing vlans among the old and new modules uplinks without having a full downtime as well.
  3. I know that stacking would be included in this sort of configuration, would stacking cause any disruption while configuring?
  4. How would this process in the enclosure that is part of the VCEM domain group?




Fred provided a brief explanation along with a link to more resources:




Hello Mohammed,


The domains in a domain group need to have the same interconnect module configuration. If this domain is in a VC domain group, you'll need to remove it from the group, add the new modules, and then bring it into a VC domain group whose interconnect module configuration matches the new domain configuration (4 FlexFabric modules).


You can add the new modules without deleting the domain. Adding the stacking links won't cause disruption so long as you have faceplate ports available on the modules in bays 1 and 2 that you can use for vertical stacking links without disabling the horizontal stacking links between those bays. The VC SIG has information on adding the new modules.







Comments or thoughts?