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Voice recording on BladeServer


Voice recording on BladeServer

Hi guys!


I have c7000 enclosure, two VC Flex-10 switches and BL460c G7 blades.

VC Flex-10 are connected to core switches - two HP A5800-24G via dual 10G uplinks (two uplinks from each Flex-10 to core)

I have a voice recording system installed on one of the blades, and the problem is to send all the voice traffic to that blade.

I can send all the voice traffic to the uplink port, but I can't send it downlink to the blade server, because mirroring on the Flex-10 works only from server to the uplink port, and I need it in the opposite direction.


What can the solution be to solve this problem?

Is there another way to send the voice traffic to the blade through the Flex?


Thanks for helping!


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Re: Voice recording on BladeServer

I don't think there is a way with your current config.  


There are two options that come to mind - adding another SFP and dedicating that UpLink to just this traffic and the destination server.  Otherwise a mezz card and a pass-through module to do the same thing.

Re: Voice recording on BladeServer

thanks for answering!


I've already tried to use dedicated uplink, and it didn't work.

I've made two Network Profiles:

- Network Profile, called Data, that utilizes all four 10 Gb uplinks. All Server Profiles, except one that is going to be used for voice recording, use this Network Profile (chose both 10 Gb server ports in Server Profile Configuration) 

- Network Profile, called Phone_Recording, that utilizes that one particular dedicated 1 Gb uplink. Server Profile for Voice Recording server is managed to use Data Network Profile together with Phone_Recording Network Profile (chose one 10Gb server port in Server Profile Configuration to use Data, and another 10 Gb server port to use Phone_Recording).


is this a correct way to configure this?

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Re: Voice recording on BladeServer

Have you tried stripping the Data Profile out and used just the Phone_Recording 1Gb for that server profile?  Do you have an idea of how this would be configured it was on a rack server instead of the blade?  Does the switch that 1Gb uplink need to be configured so the traffic just goes out that one port?