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WS460c G6 will not POST after VC profile has changed

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WS460c G6 will not POST after VC profile has changed

Mirko was having some workstation blade issues:




ws460c G6 workstations didn’t not successfully go through POST after I made changes to the VC profile.

(status bar stopped at ~80% and did not proceed for minutes then)


F9 or F11 was no longer recognized at this time.

Both cases occurred with VC3.30 (I think I’ve gone through that with older f/w versions successfully in the past) and latest (I24) blade BIOS.

Case 1 was at a customer site, case 2 in our local HP demo centre.

Only workaround to get it working again was to reset BIOS using the internal DIP switch.


Has anybody ever seen that behavior?




From Dan:




I just went through this myself recently.

Do you have nVidia cards in it?

If so, remove the GPUs, go into BIOS and change the ROM scanning order to scan add in cards first. Save and exit and then you can put the GPUs back in.




Any other help or suggestions for Mirko?